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Energy costs

Top up your non-smart prepayment energy meter in March 2022. On 1 April 2022 the price cap on energy bills will rise by 54%, adding an average £700 to annual household bills. Non-smart prepayment meter users can top-up at cheaper prices before 1 April.


If you are on a non-smart prepay meter, Ofgem has confirmed that you will get rate on the date you top up – not the date you use the energy.
This means you can maximise your top-up at a cheaper rate in March 2022 (before the rate increases), even if you use that energy in April.

You can make the most of the current cheaper rate for longer by maxing your top up in March, if you can afford it.*

*At time of writing, the exception to the above is that Scottish Power have advised that they will be adding an additional rate, which will increase the cost in March so please contact them for guidance in advance if they are your energy provider.


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