Anti-social behaviour

Dealing with irritating or annoying behaviour

If someone’s behaviour is upsetting you, the first thing to do is to decide if it is classed as anti-social behaviour or irritating behaviour.

Check if an incident is classed as anti-social behaviour

How to resolve irritating or annoying behaviour

Speak to the person responsible if you can

If it’s possible, speak to the person or people responsible and let them know their behaviour is upsetting you. This can often stop the behaviour and will resolve the problem quicker.

Some people may not realise they are being annoying. Most situations can be resolved privately.

Get evidence if the problem keeps happening

If the problem keeps happening and you can’t resolve it yourself, you should get evidence.

Evidence helps us decide if irritating or annoying behaviour has turned into anti-social behaviour.

You can gather evidence by using either:

If you think the problem has turned into anti-social behaviour, report it to us.

We can’t guarantee anonymity when following up on a report.

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