Moving home

You can swap your home with another tenant if you’d like to move.

If you’d like to end your tenancy, let us know.


Swapping your home

You can swap your rented home with another housing association or local council tenant. This is called mutual exchange.

You don’t have to know the person you’re swapping homes with, but both tenants need to have permission from their landlord.


How a mutual exchange works

You can use an online system called HomeSwapper to swap properties with other tenants.

HomeSwapper is like an estate agent’s website – you can see maps and photos of different homes that are available to swap.

Many housing associations and local councils throughout the country have signed up to HomeSwapper, so there are loads of properties available.

You’ll need to register for a HomeSwapper account. Once you have been approved, you can upload details of your property and start searching for a new home.

Every night, HomeSwapper searches through the database of registered tenants to find suitable swaps, then contacts tenants with opportunities by email and text.


After you’ve found a potential swap

When you’ve seen a home you like, you’ll need to make an application to us.

If your tenancy agreement is with Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA) you can do this online using HomeSwapper. Otherwise you’ll need to contact us to get a mutual exchange application form.

Send the completed form back to us to approve – we’ll do some checks and make a decision within 42 days.

We’ll either approve the swap, reject it, or give conditional approval (this means that there’s something you need to do first, like clear any rent arrears).

Swaps can be rejected for a number of reasons. The issue might not be with you – refusal might happen because the other party isn’t eligible for the swap.

If the swap is approved, both properties will be inspected to make sure they’re in good condition. Reports will be prepared and submitted to all parties. If both reports are satisfactory, a date for the exchange will be set.