Track your repair

Track the progress of your repair request

The fastest way to check the details of your repair request is using your MTVH Online account. Or you can contact the repairs team.


Change or cancel your appointment

If you need to change or cancel a repair appointment, contact the repairs team as soon as possible.

If your appointment is within 24 hours, you must call us

If your appointment is more than 24 hours away, send us a message:


If you’re out when a contractor arrives

If a contractor comes to your home when you’re out, they’ll leave a calling card to let you know.

If it’s their first visit

The repair will be cancelled and you’ll need to rebook your appointment. To rebook the appointment, request the repair again using your MTVH Online account, or contact the repairs team.

If it’s an ongoing repair

The contractor will leave a calling card, which will tell you how to rebook the appointment.


Contractor did not arrive

If a contractor did not turn up when they were supposed to, you can send us a message using your MTVH Online account or contact the repairs team.


Cancelled repair appointments

Your repair request may have been cancelled because it:


If you think your repair appointment has been cancelled by mistake, you can send us a message using your MTVH Online account or contact the repairs team.


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Need to contact the repairs team?


Fill in the repairs enquiry form



0203 535 3535 if your home is managed by Metropolitan
0300 456 2929 if your home is managed by TVHA

Our phone lines are busiest 8am-10am Monday to Friday and the Tuesday after a bank holiday weekend. If you can, it’s best to avoid calling then because you may have a long wait for your call to be answered.

Not satisfied with the service you received?

Our service standards are to:

  • Carry out work to a good standard
  • Be quick and reliable
  • Let you know what’s happening and when
  • Be considerate of the fact that we’re working in your home
  • Be clear about what you can expect from us


If you feel we have not met these standards and you’d like to tell us about problems you’ve had with the repairs process, or a repair that’s been carried out badly, contact us online.

If you’re not satisfied with our response, you can make a formal complaint.

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