Homeowners and shared owners

Moving in to your new build home

Congratulations on moving into your new build home!
Find out what happens after you’ve exchanged.

Before you move in

Confirming your moving in date

After you’ve exchanged, your solicitor will confirm with us, and then we will agree a moving in date with you.

We will arrange a home demonstration

After exchange and roughly two weeks before you move in, you will be invited to attend a home demonstration.

This one to two hour long demonstration will cover:

  • Home tour – explain the main features of the home, such as heating systems, security and more.
  • Appliances –  explain how to use and care for them.
  • Communal areas – give you a tour, and explain access controls.
  • Defects – we will check for any defects and agree with you on how to solve any problems.
  • Ask us questions – feel free to ask us any questions about your home.

Signing your lease

Once legal completion is confirmed, the lease is signed and given to you.

Receiving your keys

On legal completion, we will contact you to arrange for you to collect your keys.

Receiving a Home User Guide

When moving into your new home you are given a Home User Guide. This explains key features, managing, maintaining your home and other general information about your new home. You will receive this at your home demonstration.

Setting up utilities and bills

These are your responsibility to arrange and will be discussed at your home demonstration. They include:

  • Contents insurance – It’s recommended to arrange for this coverage to start on the date of legal completion.
  • Buildings insurance – This will normally be included in your service charge fees.
  • Council Tax – On legal completion, please register yourself with your local authority.
  • Water, gas and electricity – You can contact your supplier to set up an account. It’s recommended to take a reading when you first move in.
  • District heating –  A pre-agreed contract will exist for properties on a district heating system.
  • Bins – Rubbish and recycling bins will be ordered by us, and will be on site ready for when you move in.
  • Telephone – You can choose your own provider, and it’s recommended to check that they cover your location.
  • Internet and TV – You can choose your own provider, and it’s recommended to check that they cover your location. Our team can advise what capacity has been set up for you at your home.

Other admin

  • Registering your postcode – We will register your new postcode with Royal Mail. For new developments it can take some time for new postcodes to get through to delivery companies systems.
  • Parking – If you have a parking space, we’ll explain what you need to know at your home demonstration.
  • Appliances – It’s recommended to register the guarantees or warranties of your new appliances – and to keep a copy. Appliances sit outside of the defect cover. They will be checked before you move in, and after that will be your responsibility.
  • Fire detector –  It’s recommended to test your smoke alarms, heat detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms, and to familiarise yourself with your fire evacuation route and procedure.

Moving in day

  • Notify your managing agent of your move in date as there may be access or parking restrictions, or permits required.
  • Remove large volumes of rubbish (including packaging, boxes) as these should not go into normal bins.
  • Don’t prop open lifts or main entrance doors, as it could damage them, and please use stairwells as much as possible.

After moving in

From your moving in date, you are responsible for maintaining your property and appliances – for example, your boiler and drains.

During the first 12 months of a new build, avoid painting or applying wallpaper to your walls to assist with the drying out process and minimise shrinkage cracks.

However, it’s fine to hang things on walls, or hang blinds and curtains.

You can find more advice in your Home User Guide.

Further questions about new builds?

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