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Talk to us about the repairs service or what’s happening with a repair that you’ve requested.

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Not happy with the service we’ve provided?

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Estate maintenance issues

Report problems with the maintenance of communal (shared) areas around your building. For example cleaning or garden maintenance.

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Problems in your neighbourhood

Report if something’s not right in your neighbourhood. For example, anti-social behaviour or abandoned cars.

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Send us a message about your payment arrangements, find out how to make a payment, set up a Direct Debit or what to do if you’re having problems paying your rent.

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Service charges

Send us a message with any queries about your service charge account.

Service charges


Your rented home

Send us a message about your home, like getting a new key or fob, getting permission to have a pet, or moving or ending your tenancy with us.

Your rented home


Home alterations – tenants

Send us a message about making improvements and alterations to your rented home.

Home alterations


Parking and garages

Find out how to get a parking permit, parking space, or a garage. Or let us know if you do not need your garage any more.

Parking and garages


Homeowner services

Send us a message about services including Right to Buy, extending your lease, remortgaging, or making alterations to your property.

Homeowner services


Buying more shares in your home

Send us a message about increasing the share of your home that you own (staircasing) and repaying your equity loan.

Buying more shares in your home


Shared owner resales

Send us a message about selling your home if you’re a shared owner.

Shared owner resales


MTVH Online help

Get help if you’re having problems with your MTVH Online account.

MTVH Online help


Customer services

Send us a message about anything else.

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0300 456 2929 Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm if your home is managed by Thames Valley Housing


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