Support & advice

Report abuse or neglect (safeguarding)

How to report abuse or neglect for either:

  • An adult with a care and support need.

  • A child.

There’s separate guidance for reporting domestic abuse.

Protecting an adult with a care and support need and a child from abuse is also known as ‘safeguarding.’

Call 999 and ask for the police if somebody is in immediate danger. Call 101 if it’s not an emergency but you think a crime has been committed.

Report abuse of an adult with a care and support need

Contact your local council’s safeguarding team (NHS.UK)

An adult with a care and support need may need help because of an illness or disability. For example, they may have a learning disability or mental health support need.

They may be at greater risk of exploitation because they could be:

  • Socially isolated.
  • Dependent on others to manage their personal care or finances.
  • Unable to make decisions about their own safety.

They may also experience domestic abuse – read further information on domestic abuse and how to report it.

Types of abuse

Types of abuse include physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. Read more about the different types of abuse on the SCIE website.

Signs of abuse can include:

  • Injuries.
  • Being withdrawn.
  • Looking unkept.
  • For children, seen unsupervised or not being in school.


When to contact MTVH

Contact your local council or the police first – they have more powers to help.

Contact us if you or somebody else needs help with their housing or a care and support service we provide.

We will only share information with other organisations if we think someone is at risk of harm.