Find out how to make a payment to MTVH, ask for a refund, and all about your rent, bills, service charge and insurance.


How to request or track a repair, and how to request an emergency repair.


Parking for tenants, homeowners, shared owners and keyworkers. Find out how to replace a parking key fob.

Pets in your home

Apply for permission to have a pet in your home.

Gas, electric and other checks

As landlords, we’ll need to access your home from time to time to check your home meets safety standards.

Homeowners and shared owners

Find out about your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner or shared owner with MTVH.

Manage your keyworker home

Everything you need to know about living in and maintaining your keyworker home.

Appoint someone to deal with MTVH on your behalf

Let us know if you want a family member or someone else to deal with MTVH on your behalf.