Migration Foundation

Refugees and asylum seekers often face extreme poverty and division within society. Quite simply, we want to change things.

We created the Migration Foundation because our vision is to reduce migrant destitution and make migration work for migrants and their communities.

About the Migration Foundation

The Migration Foundation is the only fund dedicated to tackling migrant destitution in the UK. Migrant destitution is a national issue and MTVH’s Migration Foundation exists to serve residents and non-residents.

The MTVH Migration Foundation aims to create change benefiting migrants and their communities. We do this by collaborating with:

  • MTVH colleagues to improve our response and offerings to MTVH residents and their communities.
  • The housing, migrant support and funding sectors to improve their response to migrants and their communities.
  • Stakeholders that influence society and government, to change policy and systems.

Our two strategic goals are to respond to the critical failure and critical success factors faced by migrants in the UK:

  1. Better access to justice for migrants to tackle the fundamental legal reasons for destitution (address critical failure factors).
  2. Better housing, support and opportunities to participate in society to tackle the circumstantial reasons for destitution (contribute to critical success factors).