Homeowners and shared owners

Home improvements and alterations

As a homeowner or a shared owner, there are some changes that you can make to your property without asking us and some that need our permission.

If you make any alterations or modifications to your home without getting permission, you may be required to change it back to its original design at your own expense.

Examples of what you need permission for

Permission required

  • Extensions
  • Moving walls
  • Loft conversion
  • Replacing a bathroom
  • Replacing a kitchen
  • Connecting or installing a satellite dish or cable TV

Permission not required

  • Hanging pictures
  • Changing carpets
  • Applying wallpaper
  • Painting walls

We don’t recommend applying wallpaper or painting walls for properties in the 12 month defect liability period.

Getting permission is really important. We put the safety of all our residents above anything else and our biggest concern are any home improvements that could potentially affect the structural integrity of your building.

If you are unsure if the changes you’ve got in mind need our permission or not, it’s best to ask.

Satellite dishes and cable TV

Some of our buildings have a communal satellite or cable TV system in place and you just need to connect to it. Ask us for more information.

If there’s no communal system in place, you can’t just install a dish or cables without asking permission. If you do, we could ask you to remove them at your own cost.

But look, we’ll always look for a solution. If you’ve not got access to a communal system, we can look into getting one if enough residents show an interest.

Ask about satellite dishes and cable TV

12 month defect liability period

Asking permission is especially important during the 12 month defects period as, at the end of this, the contractor who built your home will need to come and check the condition of the property.

During the first 12 months of a new build, it’s recommended to avoid painting or applying wallpaper to your walls. This will assist with the drying out process and help minimise shrinkage cracks.

However, it’s fine to hang things on walls, or hang blinds and curtains.

More advice can be found in your Home User Guide, which we gave you when you moved in.