Buy a home

Buying your rented home

If you rent one of our properties and have passed your probationary period, you might be able to buy your home at a discount with a Government scheme.

Which scheme you use depends on the type of tenancy you have in place.

Right to Acquire (for assured tenancies)

You can apply to purchase your home through the Right to Acquire scheme if you have an assured tenancy and your property was built or acquired after 1 April 1997.

To be eligible for the Right to Acquire scheme, you need to have been a tenant with us or with other social landlords for longer than 3 years.

Read more about Right to Acquire on GOV.UK

Right to Buy (for a secure tenancy)

The Right to Buy scheme is not available to all tenants.

You can apply to purchase your home through the Right to Buy scheme if you were part of a stock transfer from a local council to MTVH, and you held a secure tenancy at that time.

A secure tenancy means that you have the right to live in your home for the rest of your life, so long as you don’t break the conditions of your tenancy.

To be eligible for the Right to Buy scheme, you need to have been a secure tenant with a local council when a stock transfer to MTVH took place.

Read more about Right to Buy on GOV.UK

Right to Shared Ownership

You may be able to buy a share of your home and pay us rent on the rest. You can buy a share of between 10% and 75% of your home’s full market value.

The scheme is not available to everyone – both you and your home must meet eligibility requirements.

Check if you are eligible and read more about the scheme on GOV.UK.

Contact us to see if your home is eligible. We’ll respond within 10 working days.

Application process

Contact us to let us know you’d like to buy your home.

We will call you to check which scheme you may be eligible for. We’ll then send you an application form to fill in.

We need the original copy of your application form. When you’ve completed your application form, you’ll need to post everything on to our Home Ownership Team at:

The Home Ownership Team
Thames Valley Housing Association
The Grange
100 High Street
N14 6PW


If we accept your application, we’ll send someone out to value your home and report back on any improvements you’ve made to the property that might affect the sale price.

We’ll then make you an offer. We’ll tell you the market value and the discount we can apply. If you’re happy with the offer, just let us know.

Then it’s time to sort out your finances and get a solicitor. When you’re ready, we’ll agree on a date for the sale to be completed.

Contact us about buying your home

The easiest way to contact us is using our online form.

Or you can call us on 0203 535 3535.