Complaints results 2019 – 2020


  • New Stage 1 complaints: 3,779
  • Stage 2 complaints: 476
  • Stage 3: 266
  • 12.6% of complaints escalated from Stage One to Stage Two
  • 7% of complaints escalated from Stage Two to Stage Three


In July 2018 we began a pilot to change the way we manage complaints. The pilot has a two-stage process, with a complaint review panel to ensure our final response is appropriate. The process also placed more emphasis on delivering a response within twenty-eight days and auto-escalation is built into this. This meant that if we cannot deliver a response within twenty-eight days at Stage One, we will automatically escalate to Stage Two. As a result, complaints are escalating earlier than in previous years and in greater numbers. Auto-escalation of complaints ended in February 2020.


Outcome analysis report

Please see our annual 2019-20 customer complaints report below, broken down by business.

Area of complaint Total
Responsive repairs 2017
Housing services 560
Planned programmes 333
Estate services 180
Compliance 155
Development 126
Income 63
Heating services 57
Leasehold 50
Mechanical and electrical 45
Customer services 41
Voids 35
Available homes 29
Care and support 24
Service charge 20
Homeownership 15
Sales team 12
Customer care 7
Finance 6
Keyworker 3
Neighbourhood investment 1
Grand total 3779