Keeping safe in your home

Safety in high-rise buildings

This information is for residents who are affected by the new building safety approach in the Government’s Building Safety Act 2022.

You will be affected if you live in a high-rise residential building – this is a building that either:

  • Is 18 metres tall or higher
  • Has 7 storeys or more

View a list of all buildings that are affected.


The Building Safety Act identifies new duty-holders, known as ‘Principle Accountable Persons’ (PAPs). Where we own the building, MTVH are the PAP.

For buildings where we are not the building owner, MTVH are not the Principle Accountable Person. This is the responsibility of the freeholder.

What MTVH must do to keep buildings safe

As the Principal Accountable Person, MTVH must do the following:

  • Prevent a building safety risk from happening. Building safety risks are defined as the spread of fire and/or structural failure.
  • Reduce the seriousness of an incident if one happens.
  • Register existing buildings with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR).
  • Register all new high-rise residential buildings before occupation.
  • Prepare a Building Safety Case to show we have assessed all building safety risks and taken all reasonable steps to control them.
  • Provide a Building Safety Case report to the BSR. This report identifies any major fire and structural hazards in the building. It shows how we are managing these risks correctly.
  • Apply for a building assessment certificate when directed by the BSR.


Where MTVH are the Principal Accountable Person, we have registered all of our high-rise residential buildings with the Building Safety Regulator.

What MTVH is committed to

  • Providing residents living in our high-rise residential buildings with building safety information about their homes and how we are managing any safety risks. Where MTVH are not the building owner, we will work jointly with the freeholder to protect residents, their homes, household members and visitors from any potential risk to their health and safety from smoke or fire.
  • Keeping residents informed of the steps being taken to keep their buildings safe and to ensure that all our buildings are safe.
  • Working together with residents to keep them and their visitors safe. We will be contacting residents to provide further information specific to your home.


How we include you in building safety decisions

We have written a Building Safety Resident Engagement Framework. It’s a document that explains how we will include you in building safety decisions.

Read our Building Safety Resident Engagement Framework (PDF).

Keeping your home safe from fire

Tips and advice on how to keep your building safe from fire hazards.

Read fire safety advice

Repairs and alterations

You can request repairs online or by phone, including for shared areas in your building.

If you’re altering or making improvements to your home, you may need our permission. Contact us online to check:

EWS1 forms

Mortgage lenders may need evidence that the external walls (cladding) meet the Government’s safety guidance. This certification is called an EWS1 form.

Information about EWS1 forms
Request an EWS1 form for your building

Questions about your building

We can provide general fire safety advice, including the use of communal areas and balconies.

If you’re not happy with the service provided

Make a formal complaint

Buildings that are affected

Your building is affected if it’s listed below.

Search by location:

East Midlands

Longs Mill, Brookbridge Court, DE1 3LG

Abels Mill, Brookbridge Court, DE1 3LG

Burgess House, Sanvey Gate, LE1 4BR

The Annexe, Junior Street, LE1 4QF

Bloomsbury House External, Guildhall Road, NN1 1AG

Raleigh Square II 36A & 36-95, Raleigh Street, NG7 4DN



1-32 Desmond House, Cat Hill, EN4 8JA

1-71 Glebelands Close (LSR), Glebelands Close, N12 0AH

Bream Court, Mills Grove, NW4 1DN


21-254 Mendip House, Edmonton Green, N9 0TA

21-254 Pennine House (LSR), South Mall, N9 0TE


62 Eclipse House, Station Road, N22 6UX

Holmeswood/Penwortham/Tarleton Court, High Road, N22 6AY


Pearmain House, Apple Grove, HA2 0FH


1 – 22 Reliance Wharf, Hertford Road, N1 5EW

23- 45 Reliance Wharf, Hertford Road, N1 5EW

1-20 Mylne Apartments, Barretts Grove, N16 8AP

1 – 68 Cordwainer House, 43 Mare Street, E8 4RX

37-78 Bryant Court, Whiston Road, E2 8EG

Novello House, Bridport Place, Hackney N1 5FS


395 Eastern Avenue, Gants Hill, Illford, IG2 6LR


1 – 42, 115 Chalkhill Road, Wembley, HA9 9GY

Grand Union House, 257 Ealing Road, Wembley, HA0 1GH

Waterfield House, 259 Ealing Road, Wembley, HA0 1GL


1-104 Freedom House, Brownlow Road,   W13 0FW

1-33 Liberty House, Brownlow Road,   W13 0FU

Richmond upon Thames

4-31 Queens House, Holly Road, Twickenham, TW1 4EG


Aquila Court, 78 Park Lane, CR0 1JE


1-46 Ashfield Court, Clapham Road, SW9 9BB

35 Streatham Place, Streatham Place, SW2 4AQ

43 Streatham Place, Streatham Place, SW2 4AQ

Gwynne House, Challice Way, SW2 3RB

Kynaston House, Challice Way, SW2 3ER

Tillman House, Challice Way, SW2 3RA

Bannerman House, Lawn Lane, SW8 1UA

Sirinham Point, Meadow Road, SW8 1QE

1-40, 4 St James’s Crescent, SW9 7BY

Kymer House, 6 Mullins Place, SW4 8EU

Eversley House, Mullins Place, SW4 8EU

95 New Park Road, SW2 4AX

97 New Park Road, SW2 4BF

99 New Park Road, SW2 4BP


1-26 Gaumont House, 1 Staffordshire Street, SE15 5TS

1-27 Gaumont House, Marmont Road, SE15 5TL

Gwen Morris House, Wyndham Road, SE5 0AD

1-31 Flannery Court, Tranton Road, SE16 2JX

237 – 243 Rye Lane, SE15 4TP


1-36 Time House, 71 Plough Road, London SW11 2BL

3-64 Haverstock House, Carslake Road, SW15 3DQ

East and South East England

Amber House, 8 Market Street, Bracknell, RG12 1JB

Huntington House, Broadwater Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 3FG

Gilbert House, Studio Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 3FJ

1-55 North Court Upper Charles Street, Camberley, GU15 3GX

1-63 Elm Court, Grangewood Drive, TW16 7DJ