Complaints results 2020 – 2021


  • Stage One complaints: 3,668
  • Stage Two complaints: 524
  • Stage Three complaints: 4
  • 14.2% of complaints escalated from Stage One to Stage Two
  • 1% of complaints escalated from Stage Two to Stage Three


Restrictions due to Covid in the early part of this year reduced complaints during the early months.

During July 2020, the Housing Ombudsman Services requested that all Landlords adapt a Two-Stage process for complaint handling. MTVH already had this process in place.


Outcome analysis report

Please see our annual 2020-21 customer complaints report below, broken down by business.

Area of complaint Total
Responsive repairs 1744
Housing services 567
Compliance 458
Planned programmes 252
Estate services 176
Leasehold 95
Income 91
Development 70
Sales team 70
Care and support 69
Customer care 26
Voids 23
Available homes 16
Finance 12
Keyworker 9
Customer services 8
Safer buildings 2
Grand total 3688



HOS Determination analysis

Some of the complaints that we have not managed to resolve go to the Housing Ombudsman Service. It is a free, independent, and impartial service that looks at customer complaints. We are working closely with the Ombudsman to resolve complaints earlier, and we’re learning from their decisions (the results of their investigations).


In the last year, we have worked with the Ombudsman on 34 complaints. Their decisions were:

  • No Maladministration: 9
  • Maladministration: 6
  • Service Failure: 9
  • Severe Maladministration: 0
  • Early Resolution offering adequate Redress: 9
  • No Jurisdiction: 1