You can appoint someone to deal with MTVH on your behalf (known as ‘consent to share’).

For example, you can appoint a family member to:

  • Pay your rent.
  • Request a repair for your home.
  • Manage the care and support you receive.

You can also appoint a representative of an organisation, like an attorney.

Before you start

If you’re appointing someone to deal with MTVH on your behalf, we’ll need their contact details and their date of birth. We use this to verify their identity when they contact us.

If you’re appointing an organisation, we’ll need a:

Appoint someone

Complete an online form. We’ll call you to confirm who you want to deal with MTVH on your behalf.

You only need to complete this form if you want somebody else to deal with MTVH in the long term. If it’s just a one-off, call us – the person helping you must be with you when you call so we can verify their identity.


After you have completed the form

Within 5 working days,  we’ll call you to confirm that you have given your consent to let somebody else deal with MTVH on your behalf.

How to withdraw your consent

Contact us if you want to withdraw your consent and deal with MTVH yourself.