Dealing with irritating or annoying behaviour


If someone’s behaviour is upsetting you, the first thing to do is to decide whether this is anti-social behaviour or if it’s classed as irritating behaviour.

Check if an incident is classed as anti-social behaviour


How to resolve this behaviour

To resolve behaviour we don’t consider to be anti-social, but still does cause disturbance or irritation, we recommend starting to try and speak to the other person.

Speaking to them first, and letting them know their behaviour is disturbing you can often stop the behaviour, and will resolve the problem quicker. Some people may not realise they are being annoying. Most situations can be resolved privately.

It’s important to make a personal effort to resolve your issue first.

If talking to the other person doesn’t resolve the issue, or this isn’t possible for whatever reason, you can contact us and we will try and support you in resolving the issue.

We can’t guarantee anonymity when following up on a report.