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Use your voice and make a difference to your community

Your views matter to MTVH. We want you to feel involved, listened to and proud of where you live.

Collaborating with residents is at the heart of MTVH and our commitment to People Powered Living. To help us understand what’s working well, what needs to improve and what residents really think, we are setting up a new system of ‘resident governance.’

This means you have an opportunity to work with us to have a voice in what we do and how we do it.  We work with more than 40 volunteer residents, at different levels, across our different groups, helping us to improve the customer experience for everyone.

  • Customer Services Committee works closely with our Board Members on key decision-making about the quality of services. We are pleased to welcome 3 resident members who are committed to amplifying the voices of all MTVH residents, improving our services, and providing assurance to the Board.
  • Customer Council is a group of 12 volunteer residents to help us design, improve and review the services we provide. This group will also work on communication with our wider customer and resident population, to show how their voices positively impacts our services delivery.
  • Regional Panels in the Midlands and East, North London and South London help us understand local priorities through listening to residents in all of our communities. Each Panel is made up of 8 residents to influence the development and the type of services MTVH provide in their region.

Becoming a volunteer resident at MTVH is a great opportunity to develop new skills and meet people from your region and other areas.  We will provide the training and support you need to succeed together with out of pocket expenses to help attend meetings.


We currently have vacancies on our Regional Panels.
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Tenant & Resident Associations

We encourage residents to set up and run TRAs as they provide a really useful forum for neighbours to get together to talk about what is important to their local community and to have more of a say in how they are run. The most effective TRAs are those that have a clear focus on what they want to achieve, and we aim to work with them to improve the communities they serve.  The new Regional Panels will work closely with the TRAs in their regions.


How can you get involved in more flexible, less formal ways?

We understand that being part of a formal group is not right for everyone, so we have lots of ways for residents to make their voice heard. We’re always interested in hearing from residents (from web beginners to experts) to help us test new digital products and services from the comfort of their home. We also have groups looking at new policies, supporting our service charge project and helping to improve communication.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact us at and one of the Engagement team will get in touch.