Terms and conditions for MTVH website

Social media code of conduct

Our social media accounts are open to the public. We welcome comments to our posts, private messages and posts on our pages. To ensure that our pages are enjoyed by the whole community we expect

  • Respect for residents, staff and others.
  • Respect for other peoples’ point of view.
  • No abusive or offensive language or content.
  • No personal attacks, either direct or indirect.
  • No sharing of personal information that will identify an individual, breaches confidentiality or data protection. If you wish to give us your address/contact details please send it in a private message
  • No over posting or trolling. This is a public page managed by Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing and should not be used to monopolise the dialogue.

MTVH will aim to:

  • Review and respond to comments in a timely way.
  • Welcome constructive criticism.
  • Remove or hide posts at any time that are considered to be in breach of the above expectations.
  • Reserve the right to ban/block the individual from our pages, with or without warning where that has been either a severe breach or repeated breaches of the above expectations.