Complaints Performance

Here’s a summary of the complaints we have received from April 2019 – March 2020.

  • New complaints (Stage 1):
    2,890. That’s 26% lower than the year before.
  • Complaints that went to Stage 2:
    469. By working with customers and taking action to resolve issues, only 16% of new complaints moved to the next stage.
  • Complaints that went to Stage 3:
    272. When a complaint needs more attention and customers want us to have another look at our response, it goes to Stage 3. Just 9% of new complaints (Stage 1) went to Stage 3 last year.



Complaints that go to the Housing Ombudsman

Some of the complaints that we have not managed to resolve go to the Housing Ombudsman Service. It’s a free, independent and impartial service that looks at customer complaints.

We’re working closely with the Ombudsman to resolve complaints earlier, and we’re learning from their decisions (the results of their investigations).

In the last year, we’ve worked with the Ombudsman on 28 complaints. Their decisions were:

  • No Maladministration: 14
  • Maladministration: 3
  • Service Failure: 6
  • Maladministration and Service Failure: 1
  • Early Resolution: 1
  • No Jurisdiction: 3

You can find out more about the different types of decisions on the Housing Ombudsman’s website.



How we’re improving the way we handle complaints

We’re working on projects to help us do better:


‘Making a difference’ pilot

We’re one of 5 landlords working with the Housing Ombudsman Service on the ‘Making a Difference’ pilot project. It focuses on faster and effective complaint handling within our procedures.


Director panels

To help us to resolve complex complaints, for example, something that affects more than one customer, we’re holding monthly Director panels.

At these meetings, we look at why we’re getting complaints and agree ways to resolve them. We learn from complaints and put steps in place to stop the same issues from happening again.

The panel decides who’s responsible for any actions and complaints are tracked through to a resolution that satisfies both customers and MTVH. The panels have helped us resolve complaints more quickly.


Changes to logging and managing complaints

We’ve recently changed the way we log and manage complaints to make the process more efficient. We’ve also built new reporting tools which allow us to look at complaint data in more detail, identify themes and find out the root cause of the complaints. Management colleagues have access to these tools, so they can look at the data in real time and deal with any issues.



Our past complaints performance