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Corporate governance

MTVH is the brand name for the Thames Valley Housing Group, that primarily consists of Thames Valley Housing Association (non-Charitable Registered Provider) and Metropolitan Housing Trust (Charitable Registered Provider), several limited Companies and SPV, all focused on the delivery of housing and Care and Support Services.


Regulatory judgement


The Group is regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and is rated G1 for Governance, and V2 for Financial Viability. These ratings were refreshed in December 2023.


MTVH has adopted the 2020 NHF Code of Governance, which covers the principles of good corporate governance, particularly in terms of board leadership and effectiveness, remuneration and terms of office, accountability and customer involvement.


MTVH is delighted to have been award the Ritterwald Certified Sustainable Housing Certification, with the Second Party Opinion (SPO) provided by imug| rating.

Board membership

The Common Board consists of twelve members and is recruited on a skills basis for a maximum term of 6 years (2 terms of three years), and broadly reflects the make-up of our customer base:

  • 50% women
  • 40%BAME
  • Average age 51
  • 80% live in South East
  • 83% Non Executive

The Board is supported by a Committee Structure (including Independent Members) and the Executive Team.

Board and executive team

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