Policies and terms for our suppliers

We continue to deliver long term infrastructure and social improvements and we would like to share our strategic themes with you:

  1. Deliver, to a high level of consistency, a series of customer offerings suited to individual products and services;
  2. Grow the number of social outcomes that we are able to deliver;
  3. Develop better and more integrated services and products that match the needs of a changing society and economic context. These should be supported by a clear methodology to prioritise financial resources and measure the social impact they have.

We recognise that political change affects the social/economic environment in which we operate. One of our strategic business objectives is to achieve significant improvements in the cost of delivery and we aim to work more closely with our suppliers to ensure we can deliver these goals together.

In support of this we have a number of policies (please see below), which all our suppliers are expected to commit to.

New Policy

Metropolitan Thames Valley Terms and Conditions
Ensuring we are clear as to the contractual terms that govern our relationship.

Invoice process
Please note that we operate a ‘no purchase order, no pay’ policy.

Following the recent partnership between Metropolitan Housing Trust (MHT) and Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA) to form MTVH, there are currently two separate invoice addresses:

– Suppliers contracted to and providing goods & services for Metropolitan Housing Trust (MHT) should forward all invoices to AP.invoice@metropolitan.org.uk
– Suppliers contracted to and providing goods & services for Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA) should forward all invoices to invoices@tvha.zendesk.com

Please ensure that you have amended your records as invoices not sent to this email address will be returned and may not be paid.

Please note that you should send all Metworks works order invoices to:

Unit 16 Masons Place Business Park
DE21 6YZ

Any works order invoices should continue to be sent to our Nottingham office:

Raleigh House
68-84 Alfreton Road

No price increase policy
Unless there is a contractual commitment to increase prices then we will not accept any price increases unless agreed by the appropriate Procurement Category Manager.

If you have any queries, please email us at procurement@metropolitan.org.uk.