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MTVH at a glance

Our mission

Our organisation was built on a simple mission – to give people a safe, secure and affordable home. That’s as true today as it was in the 1950s, when our founder Molly Huggins established an organisation to provide homes for Windrush migrants in London.

Our core purpose is that ‘everyone should have a home and the chance to live well’ – putting people at the heart of everything we do and guiding every decision we make.


Through the nature of our work, we believe we can develop ways of doing things differently that help tackle big social issues about where and how people live.

Serving People Better Every Day is our five-year strategy, launched in April 2021. It’s the plan for how we will improve the customer experience, invest in more people’s home, and support people to live well.

Read our five-year strategy (PDF)


Affordable housing

Homes by tenure:

  • 57% Rented
  • 15% Shared ownership
  • 10% Supported
  • 18% Other

Care and support services

We provide services to over 100,000 customers every day. We offer a range of care and support services. Our specialist areas include older people, mental health and transitional services, which provide intensive support to marginalised and vulnerable people.


We own, manage and administer more than 57,000 homes. Our housing stock by region:

  • 9.5% East of England
  • 49.5% London
  • 21.1% Midlands
  • 0.4% South Coast
  • 19.5% South East

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