Celebrating the achievement of young Clapham Park residents at Tutors United Graduation Ceremony

13 July 2021

Summary: At MTVH, supporting families and creating opportunities for children living in our communities to develop their education is essential. Last week, we celebrated the achievements of our young MTVH pupils at the Tutors United graduation.

Providing academic support through our ongoing partnership with Tutors United has not only enabled young residents of Clapham Park, Lambeth to improve their Maths and English skills, but it has also allowed them to build confidence and motivation whilst learning. To celebrate their hard-work and achievements, we were honoured to have attended this year’s virtual Tutors United graduation event.


With many primary school aged children in Clapham Park  not having access to additional academic assistance, we partnered with Tutors United in 2012, a non-profit organisation that provides affordable tutoring to primary school pupils from low income backgrounds. Our partnership aims to help local primary school aged residents to increase confidence and independence in learning, improve academic performance in Maths and English and prepare pupils for a successful transition to secondary school.

This academic year, Tutors United has supported 58 young MTVH residents with affordable Maths and English lessons. One MTVH resident also became a fully trained tutor through the programme.

A Clapham Park parent commented on the support MTVH’s partnership with Tutors United has provided, they said: “Tutors United is an amazing programme. Really helpful for low income families who cannot afford extra tuition. Thank you all so much.”

Due to Covid-19, adapting to new ways of learning has come with numerous challenges. However, Tutors United has continued to support pupils through online lessons which has considerably improved pupil’s digital literacy and communication skills. A virtual graduation ceremony was held on Friday 9th July to celebrate all the pupils’ achievements and accomplishments. The ceremony was hosted by stand-up comedian, radio presenter, and Loose Women panellist, Judi Love.

Tutors United’s Programme Coordinator, Lizzy Gribble said: “Our partnership with MTVH has allowed us to support families throughout this difficult year and provide their children with an opportunity to learn and socialise in a safe and supportive environment. This has been a tough year for everybody, so we are extremely proud of the progress made by our pupils. They have worked so hard and we were delighted to celebrate all of their successes at the graduation ceremony.”

MTVH’s CEO, Geeta Nanda OBE, was excited to attend the graduation and keen to show her support for MTVH’s young residents who took part in the programme. Geeta commented:

“It was exciting to attend the graduation ceremony, as it was a great opportunity to congratulate all the pupils who have worked so hard to develop and strengthen their academic skills. It’s been a challenging year, and this is a proud moment to celebrate the pupils’ amazing resilience and all they have accomplished.

“Tutors United has done a phenomenal job on helping our young residents excel in their learning progression and attending the graduation ceremony is a reminder that our commitment to supporting young people in our communities to thrive in education is the heart of our partnership.”

MTVH will continue working with Tutors United in supporting and creating opportunities for young children to develop their education.

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