Cold weather update: Reporting an issue with heating or hot water

12 December 2022

Summary:Advice on contacting our heating contractors, who are experiencing high demand during the current cold conditions.

If you need to report an issue with heating or hot water, please find below the contacts for your area.

We are working hard to support residents and maintain services during this cold weather period. Due to the current cold conditions, our heating contractors are experiencing higher demand than usual for repairs. As a result, if you need to call your heating contractor, you may be required to wait for longer than usual to speak to someone.

All contractors are prioritising emergency cases. This could mean that routine work or appointments already planned may need to be re-scheduled.

This is the list of contacts for the relevant contractor in your area:

Residents in East Midlands & East Anglia

Domestic and communal heating: Aaron Services – 0120 531 9237

Residents in North London

Domestic heating: Oakray – 0208 370 2797

Communal heating: BSW – 0800 142 2761

Residents in South London

Domestic heating: K&T Heating – 0208 269 5991

Communal heating: K&T Heating – 0208 269 5986

Residents in Kingsmoor Park (Woking)

Domestic heating: K&T Heating – 0208 269 5995

If you need to check who your provider is, and for all other queries and issues, please call the MTVH Property Desk on 0203 535 3535. Should it take longer than usual to speak to someone, you can request a call back without losing your place in the queue.