Join our Regional Panel and shape the future of our services

09 March 2021

Summary:We are looking for residents over 18 who can represent the views of a wide range of MTVH residents.

Collaborating with customers is at the heart of what we do. To help us understand what’s working well and what needs to improve, we have set up a new resident governance approach. We’re now recruiting more than 20 volunteer positions to represent the three regions where we operate: North London, South London and the Midlands & East of England.

What do Regional Panel members do?

  • Represent the views of residents in your region
  • Influence the development and the type of services MTVH provide
  • Work closely with MTVH’s Regional Directors and local teams

Being a Regional Panel member means you have an opportunity to work with us, and influence what we do and how we do it. You will be an important part of our new resident governance structure, helping to put residents’ voices at the centre of our work.

Applications close on Sunday, 14 March – to find out more, please click here.