Most Feasible Idea award for new Future of London-Leaders Plus graduate, Anthony Were

| 10 July 2020

Summary: Although Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the way we work, it hasn’t stopped our talented colleagues from pushing forward and achieving great success.

We are proud to announce, Development Manager, Anthony Were, recently completed the leadership and management programme Future of London – Leaders Plus. The programme helps build better cities through knowledge, networks and leadership – across disciplines, organisations and sectors.

After nine-months of advanced leadership training filled with expert seminars, workshops and mentoring from some of London’s top urban practitioners, a few candidates were given the opportunity to present their proposals via webinar on Wednesday 1st July 2020. MTVH’s Anthony Were, introduced his ‘Better Connected Pledge 2025, where he explored the need for wider collaboration amongst social landlords to deliver broadband infrastructure and ensure our customers are better connected to access information and services online.

“Our residents are often most in need to get online. We can support residents with the skills and access to affordable broadband. How? The Better Connected Pledge. A five-stage framework for mobilising, assessing and negotiating the best deal for our residents.”

Anthony also shared the effects of the current health crisis, emphasising on the dangers of isolation and the importance of a home with easy internet connections or perhaps even a complimentary device which would allow residents to feel more engaged and involved.

In addition, he also touched on preparing ourselves for change, which also cuts across home schooling and home working which initially as an interim solution is fast becoming a permanent feature of our lives. All of which have a need for an improved internet connection provision in our properties.

Anthony demonstrated innovation and inspiration in his work and was awarded with Most Feasible Idea for his proposal the Better Connected Pledge 2025. We are extremely proud of Anthony’s accomplishments and thrilled to hear his work has gained the recognition it deserves.

‘I am pleased Anthony has completed this programme and it is important that we continue to support our colleagues who undertake such programmes and courses as it demonstrates our commitment to the future growth of the organisation. It sends a powerful message of being valued, knowing the organisation has your best interests at heart, seeking out innovation and embracing change. If we want to be at the forefront of our sector we need to seek out and provide these opportunities that provide exposure to the current political, social and professional environment and ensure our colleagues can achieve their potential. The next steps will be to see how we can incorporate Anthony’s award winning vision into our strategy and practice. I will continue to support Anthony and seek out wider corporate support in achieving this aim.’ Mohammed Habib, Head of Asset Development. 

Our organisation is very proud to support programmes like Future of London- Leaders Plus, which equips our talented colleagues already in leadership roles to navigate increasing risk and responsibility, and to develop greater resilience.

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