MTVH and Vistry Group host Clapham Park Regeneration Day

28 May 2024

Summary: Regeneration Day presents an opportunity to update residents and community on the progress of the project at Clapham Park

On Monday, 20th May, Clapham Park regeneration partners Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) and Vistry Group hosted the Clapham Park Regeneration Day held at the Cube community centre on Kings Avenue. The day presented an opportunity for engagement between residents and the regeneration partners to discuss the progress of the project.

MTVH and Vistry Group were also keen to speak to residents about the positive benefits which the flagship regeneration scheme, one of the largest in Europe, is having on residents and their community. This has resulted in investment of around £1bn to help create 2,600 homes across a range of tenures over the next 12 years, of which over 50% will be affordable.

Christmas 2023 saw the completion of 50 new homes at Keith Shaw House and Donna Mews, as well as two new shops which will be let to local businesses. Residents will soon be relocating into the new homes from elsewhere in the estate, at the same rent levels they paid previously.

Meanwhile, construction on the next 520 homes for rent, shared ownership, Build-to-Rent and sale are 12 months ahead of schedule, with completion expected in 2024 and 2025. Works have also started on the following phase of 323 homes, making this one of the most active estate regeneration projects in the country.

Along with creating new, high quality, affordable homes, the Clapham Park regeneration also seeks to strengthen the local community in Lambeth whilst creating new opportunities for residents. The event proved to be an important milestone in MTVH’s and Vistry’s engagement with the community and to promote the positive benefits this having on Lambeth’s residents. Further initiatives over the summer will include an arts trail and mural painting project with the Clapham Park Community Fun Day on 27 July bringing the community together for a carnival featuring live music, stalls and family games and activities which intends to celebrate the strengths which this vibrant and diverse community has to offer.

Rosalyn Springer, MTVH’s Partnerships Manager at Clapham Park said: “It was such a positive day, and we were so pleased to see so many residents coming along wanting to know the progress we are making, and the job opportunities on offer – including younger residents who came along to talk to our stakeholders who were also there.”