MTVH partners with Ultimate Learning to support young people to fulfil their potential

30 October 2020

Summary:At MTVH, we are passionate about reducing the challenges facing our communities and providing opportunities for young people. In St Ann’s, Nottingham, we have been partnering with Ultimate Learning to provide an educational afterschool service for young MTVH residents living on the Brewster’s Housing Estate since September 2019.

In these sessions, students are able to access support, tuition and mentoring for STEM subjects such as Maths and Science. Twice a week, we facilitate sessions with a range of students, from year 10 to sixth form and with varied abilities. By providing engaging and motivating sessions, we have been able to support our young residents to fulfil their personal educational objectives and think about their future aspirations and goals. The sessions have had high attendance, with some students recommending their school friends and other young people living on Brewster’s Estate to us.

One of the young participants commented, “I thought the sessions went really well. The opportunity to socialise and work with friends from my street really helped me understand Maths and Science.”

Another reflected; “The sessions were good and helpful because at school we go through topics too fast. The sessions allowed us to go through each topic in depth at a slower pace so I can understand.”

When the country went into lockdown back in March, it was really important to our Community Investment Team that these sessions were able to continue, despite the closure of schools and social distancing measures. Ultimate Learning tutor, Mike Scott, worked quickly to engage the community and transition the lessons onto a digital platform. We also ensured none of the students would be digitally excluded from the sessions by contacting the families to make sure they had access to the internet, a suitable device and space to engage with the sessions.

The impact of these sessions in bridging the educational gap during the pandemic has been huge. Not only were there improvements in the educational attainment of the young people in STEM subjects, but this partnership has also contributed to raising their aspirations. As one of the parents of the young people reflected; “I am extremely happy with the service Ultimate Learning and MTVH provided my daughter. The extra two hours a week of study has made a huge difference to her confidence.”

During the summer holidays, we worked with Ultimate Learning to hold a Science Day with young people from the estate, delivered within the government’s coronavirus guidelines. Families were invited along to get involved in bringing science to life with fun experiments. One of the parents who attended on the day reflected; “This was a really good chance for the kids to socialise and learn at the same time, bringing them together in a nice, safe environment.”

At MTVH, we recognise the profound impact that the temporary closure of schools during the coronavirus lockdown has had on young people’s educational development. It has widened the gap in educational inequalities, with a quarter of pupils receiving no schooling or tutoring during this time, making our partnership with Ultimate Learning ever more important.

Supporting our residents to create the foundation for a sustainable future is at the core of our work as a social purpose organisation. The sessions are due to return online after the October half term. Ultimate Learning will offer MTVH customers living in Nottingham City one lesson of GCSE science on a Tuesday 5pm – 6pm and one session of GCSE Maths on a Thursday 5pm – 6pm. Students will receive tailored and focused sessions to support them to achieve the best possible outcome for their GCSE’s.

Reflecting on the impact of this partnership and it’s value for young people in the community, our Regional Community Coordinator, Kat Campbell-Coupland reflected; “I have met some of the young people taking part in the sessions and it’s incredible to be able to listen to what they now hope to achieve for themselves in the future, as well as the increased attainment in STEM subjects. The project has certainly raised the aspirations of young people and it’s amazing that MTVH are able to utilise our position within the community to increase engagement with learning and improve educational outcomes.”

If you know of a young person aged 14-16 in the Nottingham City area who would benefit from the opportunity to participate in free online GCSE Maths and Science tuition, please contact Ultimate Learning Tutor Michael Scott on 07581 027683 or email