MTVH publishes 2023 Residents’ Report: Listening to residents, improving service

14 August 2023

Summary:Alongside its Annual Report for the financial year 2022/23, MTVH has today published a Residents’ Report highlighting the areas and activities over the past year which residents have told us you want to know more about.

MTVH has today published a Residents’ Report highlighting the areas and activities over the past year which residents have told us you want to know more about. These include a breakdown of organisational spend, resident satisfaction figures, and cost of living support.

You can read the Residents’ Report here and Annual Report here.

We are constantly listening to get a better understanding of residents’ needs and are working hard to improve the service we provide. The Residents’ Report and Annual Report outline the measures we are taking to improve how we listen to residents’ views and opinions.

  • A new Customer Voice Framework has been established in consultation with residents, creating a guide for listening better and acting on feedback.
  • A Residents’ Bulletin has been distributed to all householders with each edition shaped by resident views.
  • A new digital platform for residents has been launched to find out about local activities and share thoughts.
  • Meanwhile, the MTVH Customer Council and Regional Panels have met regularly with senior MTVH colleagues to discuss and shape improvements to our services.

Highlights from the reports include:

  • Having understood the need for a simpler digital platform for resident, a number of upgrades has resulted in a 59% increase in the volume of service requests logged through our website or MTVH Online. 36% of MTVH households now actively use MTVH online, a 6% increase on last year.
  • With many residents feeling the pressure of the cost of living, the financial gains delivered to residents grew from £2m to £3m. Meanwhile, the Tenant Welfare Fund was increased by 50% and multiple community kitchens and cafes were established across the country.
  • Meeting a need to provide targeted support for those affected by damp and mould, a new £1.5m dedicated fund was established. A 12-month follow up check-up has also been introduced on cases where required and additional training is being provided for colleagues.
  • With maintaining and upgrading homes a priority for residents, we invested £138m in this work, including installing 770 new kitchens, 470 new bathrooms, 31 new roofs and 866 new boilers. Meanwhile, more than 100,000 repairs were completed, 89% on our first visit.
  • Addressing the concerns of some leaseholders, we committed that no cost for building safety remediation works will be passed to leaseholders in buildings above 11 metres or 5 stories in height. We have also introduced a number of reforms for leaseholders, including the security of a 990-year lease where MTVH is the freeholder.
  • Tackling the chronic need for more affordable homes, we made a significant contribution by building 657 homes. A new joint venture was agreed with Legal & General Affordable Homes, to deliver over 2,500 affordable homes over the next seven years in London and the South-East.
    These achievements were possible thanks to maintaining a robust financial position, despite a funding squeeze across the sector and fewer resources at our disposal owing to the current UK economic climate. We are pleased to have retained an A rating from Fitch Ratings and an A- rating from Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Group.

Also today, pay gap reports for gender and ethnicity were published for the financial year 2022/23. These reports chart the difference in average pay between men and women, and white and ethnically diverse colleagues within the organisation, regardless of their role or seniority. We are pleased that our mean gender pay gap has reduced this year to 16.5% from 17.4% the previous year, and our mean ethnicity pay gap has reduced this year to 9.5% from 10.6%. Our median ethnicity pay gap has also reduced to minus 1.3%. This represents good progress, but we recognise the need to continue to work hard to remove pay gaps from the organisation.