MTVHs commitment to support residents facing cost of living

03 October 2022

Summary:MTVH reaffirms its commitment to supporting residents and outlines the help available to those facing difficulties.

The impact that the rising cost of living is having on residents remains deeply concerning. MTVH will continue to support residents facing financial challenges.

Last year, we helped residents to secure £1.94m in financial gains and budget boosting measures, such as accessing additional benefits and emergency food and fuel support. MTVH has also increased the Tenant Welfare Fund by 50% to £608,000 in 2022/23, which is available to residents with additional needs for emergency support and assistance.

We have also reconfirmed our support for the National Housing Federation’s recent statement reassuring residents that they will not be evicted as a result of financial hardship, so long as they engage with their landlord. We reiterate that this applies to MTVH residents.

The support we can provide is available to shared ownership residents too. If you are a shared owner who is struggling to pay your household costs, please contact both MTVH and your mortgage provider as soon as possible.

MTVH is committed to the following:

  • Keeping people secure at home – No one will be evicted as a result of financial hardship, where they are working (or engaging) with MTVH to get their payments back on track.
  • Helping people to get the support they need – MTVH will help residents to access benefits and other support to alleviate financial hardship, including supporting people to get into work where possible.
  • Acting compassionately and quickly where people are struggling – MTVH will work with any resident who is struggling to pay rent to make arrangements that are manageable for them in the long term. Legal action will only be taken in serious circumstances – for example as a last resort where a resident will not agree a plan with MTVH to pay their rent, or where it is needed urgently in cases of domestic abuse or of antisocial behaviour that is putting other residents or communities at risk.

In addition, we will continue to advocate on behalf of residents, by amplifying calls for greater government support for those facing hardship through the welfare system. Looking ahead, we are carefully considering rent setting for next year (2023/24), taking into account the financial pressures facing residents alongside the need to continue investing and improving existing homes and services for residents, and building much needed new affordable homes.

If you are in financial difficulty or wish to speak to us about any problems you are facing, our Empowering Futures team is available to give confidential advice on issues including benefits and how to maximise your income. They recently launched an energy campaign to support residents struggling with energy bills. Find out more about Empowering Futures here. To get in touch with the team you can contact our Customer Hub on 0203 535 3535