MTVH residents celebrate Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

09 June 2022

Summary:Events and celebrations were held in our communities across the country as the nation celebrated the Queen’s 70-year reign.

The special Bank Holiday weekend provided an opportunity for MTVH residents, customers, and the wider community to come together to celebrate this historic milestone at a range of events such as tea parties, barbecues, and community activities including a carnival.

Our services in South London – Charleston House, Ingleton House, Lingham Court, Ashmole Estate, and Wakeford Close – were treated to a tea party, and residents were able to socialise in communal areas after a long period of isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Residents of Chapleton House and Hanover Mansions, a Later Living service in Lambeth aimed at older people of West Indies and Afro-Caribbean descent, incorporated elements of their cultural backgrounds into the festivities.

The Care and Support team at Later Living services Coventry Hall and Homewoods House organised a BBQ for our residents and colleagues, which one resident described as “exceptional”. These local parties also allowed residents who struggle with mobility to celebrate close to home.

Cricketers Court and Woodvale residents in the Midlands enjoyed a traditional buffet and live singer.

The Clapham Park community came out in full force this weekend, organising a walking carnival procession, costumes, and a performance by Clapham Park residents. Leading up to the event, GVision and Mas Africa also used The Cube community centre to design their costumes, choreograph the performance with young people in the community, and prepared food for the event in The Cube’s kitchen. MTVH colleagues supported residents with planning, budgeting, and managing the event.

For some schemes, these were among the first major events held since the country emerged from lockdowns. The celebrations allowed residents to reconnect with each other and our colleagues who support these communities.