MTVH supports the G15’s Room To Grow campaign

12 June 2024

Summary: Campaign sheds light on the contribution of London's social and affordable housing sectors to the UK economy

MTVH is delighted to be supporting the launch of the G15’s Room To Grow campaign. The campaign launched this week highlighting the enormous  social and economic contribution of London’s social and affordable housing sectors to the UK economy.

Research undertaken by the G15, representing London’s largest not-for-profit housing associations, and Sonnet Impact & Advisory CIC has identified a contribution of £6.9bn per year to the UK from London’s 289,000 strong housing association social stock – at least £23,777 per home. This contribution ranges from rent savings, increased job and education opportunities, crime reduction, and savings to the NHS.

The research also sheds light on the impact on the UK economy of the housing crisis. As over 300,000 Londoners are stuck on social housing waiting lists, the UK economy is missing out on around £7.7bn per year as the nation fails to provide an adequate provision of social and affordable homes.

You an read more about the Room To Grow campaign and the research behind it here:

G15 | London’s Social Homes Contribute Almost £6.9 Billion to UK Every Year