New green space for the residents of the West Hendon estate

29 June 2021

Summary:The promise to provide significant benefits to the residents and community is at the core of the West Hendon estate regeneration, and during a national lockdown, that included supporting the wellbeing of our residents by providing a recreational space close to home.

During the times of national lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions, outdoor recreational spaces and activities was more important than ever to the wellbeing of our residents and customers. The West Hendon estate, the site of a regeneration project led by MTVH, Barratt, and Barnet Council, received a brand-new recreation area in March for residents and members of the community.

The new space sees the addition of landscaped gardens and seating for residents to enjoy outdoor activities, located near the recently built pedestrian and cycle bridge on Cool Oak Lane. This new space offers an opportunity for West Hendon residents to enjoy walks, outdoor meals, and activities with their households and support bubbles.

The West Hendon regeneration project is re-establishing the clear connection between the West Hendon Broadway, the new homes and the Welsh Harp, whilst respecting important ecology. The works to create this green space also included ecological improvements to the waterside and a seating area offering views of the Welsh Harp and its wildlife. The Welsh Harp, also known as the Brent Reservoir, is a registered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a nature reserve supporting a large selection of wetland birds and plants. The space even features an ‘insect hotel’, a structure that provides shelter for native insects and encourages pollination.

“The residents of West Hendon are very happy with this new recreation space overlooking the Welsh Harp”, said Judy Lynch, Vice-Chair of West Hendon Partnership Board. “It is a beautiful scenic space with tables and benches where residents are able to sit, relax, and enjoy the surrounding nature. It is a wonderful window on the world.”

“The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have limited the movement of people significantly and they are spending most of their time at home”, said Guy Palmer, MTVH’s Regeneration Director. “In times like this, access to outdoor green space and communal areas to relax and socialise—while staying safe from Covid-19—are as important as ever. Responding to the needs of our residents is at the heart of this regeneration project, and we’re pleased to have provided a much needed space for residents to enjoy close to home.

The West Hendon regeneration is set to be completed by the year 2028, and by then we are planning to deliver more than 2,000 new mixed tenure homes, including affordable rented, low-cost home ownership and private sale. Along with this green space, we’ve also delivered a new community hub, the Green Park, commercial units, and one of two footbridges for pedestrians.