Thinking about volunteering?

09 June 2021

Summary:We’ve just marked Volunteering Week (1-7 June 2021) - a time when the vital work of volunteers is showcased and celebrated.

You may be thinking about volunteering, wondering what opportunities there are, and how you can help. There are many types of volunteering and every contribution, no matter how big or small, is a gift to the local community and to volunteers themselves.

Here’s how MTVH resident, Carrie (not her real name) is making a difference:
Carrie volunteers as a Community Champion, acting as a link between MTVH and residents to support the health and wellbeing of the local community. A natural networker, known by many in the community, Carrie is easily accessible and has supported many people – especially women – in challenging situations such as domestic abuse and homelessness. With her knowledge of local services, she is able to sign-post people so they’re able to get the help they need.

“There’s always a solution, they just need to know where to turn to and which services to use. People who suffer from poor mental health or are in crisis are sometimes unable to find this information for themselves. That’s when I use my knowledge (I’m great at research) and my relationship with MTVH staff to help them. I use the links I have with the local community to motivate and encourage them to get involved in activities, events and development opportunities,” she says.

Volunteering is part of her nature. “I love helping people, I think it’s in me. There are things you can’t learn from school or uni, but only from life experience”.

Carrie is planning sewing workshops for the local community where she will help them learn new skills and develop their creativity. It will also be a safe environment to discuss mental health and well-being. “Sewing is like a therapy. You make something, you look at it, you feel good about it,” she says.

As an organisation we’re committed to strengthening our volunteering offer to ensure our residents, colleagues and contractors are encouraged and supported to serve the communities around us.

You will be hearing more about volunteering throughout the year, so watch this space!