Manage your keyworker home

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals: manage your keyworker home

Everything you need to know about living in keyworker housing near Ashford Hospitals and St Peter’s Hospital.

Do you want to live here? Read more about our keyworker housing – including how to apply.

Your keyworker office

Contact your local keyworker office if you have any questions about your home.

Telephone: 020 8607 0613 or 01344 876025


In person at the Ascot Office:

Willow House
28 Brook Avenue
Ascot SL5 7SG



You can request or track a repair online.  Or contact your local keyworker office to request repairs.

You need to carry out minor repairs inside your home yourself. This includes small jobs like replacing a light bulb or unblocking a sink.

Gas and central heating repairs

Each keyworker home has a list of local contractors that can fix issues with your building’s gas and central heating. Their contact details were given to you when you moved in.

If you don’t know who your local contractors are, contact your keyworker office.


Your tenancy

Your tenancy agreement covers important things like:

  • When you need to pay your rent.
  • What you can and can’t do in your home.
  • How to end your tenancy and move out.

Find out more about your keyworker tenancy.


You’re responsible for cleaning your room or flat and keeping it in good condition.


Lost keys

Contact your keyworker office during their opening hours if you lose your keys. If you lose them when the office is closed, you’ll be responsible for gaining access to your home.

If you need to hire a locksmith to help you get in your home, contact your keyworker office when it reopens to arrange for the lock to be changed.



You’re responsible for ensuring all rubbish is disposed of in the bins provided by the local council. Please recycle as much as possible.

You must take any bulk rubbish to the local tip or recycle centre. Or you can contact Runnymede Council who will collect these items for you.



Your local keyworker manager will tell you about parking arrangements when you sign up for the tenancy.



Smoking is not allowed in any of the communal areas in your building.




Private gardens

If you have a private garden, you’re responsible for keeping it in a tidy state.

You must not plant any deep- rooted or fast growing trees. You are responsible for all the trees in your garden. These can damage the structure of your property and be a nuisance to neighbours by blocking light if not maintained. If you want to remove trees, or undertake similar work, a work application must be made to your local council. You may be fined if you don’t get this consent.

Communal gardens

If you live in a flat and there is a communal garden this will be maintained by the management company responsible for the building.

Telephone and TV



There’s a telephone access point in your accommodation. Contact your chosen service provider who will give you details on connection charges.


There’s a TV aerial point in your home that you can connect your TV to.

You must have a TV licence if you have a TV. Failure to buy a licence may result in a fine of up to £1000. Apply for a TV licence online.

You must get written permission from us before installing a satellite dish on the outside of the building.


Staying safe

Read how to stay safe in your keyworker home for information on:

  • What to do in a fire.
  • How to keep your appliances safe.
  • Keeping your home secure.