Manage your keyworker home

Staying safe in your keyworker home

How to stay safe in your keyworker home, including what to do in a fire and how we keep your appliances safe.


Fire safety

You must familiarise yourself with all the fire exits and your nearest escape routes.

All fire doors (including kitchen doors) must be kept shut at all times. You must not wedge them open.

If you discover a fire

You must:

  • Raise the alarm
  • Leave the building by the nearest exit
  • Go to your fire assembly point (if your building has one)
  • Call the fire brigade on 999

If you hear the fire alarm, immediately leave the building by the nearest exit and head to your fire assembly point (if you have one).

Do not stop to collect personal belongs or re-enter the building until you’re told it’s safe by the emergency services.

Fire safety in communal areas

If you live in a block of flats, you must keep all communal areas clear. You can’t use the communal area to store things like:

  • Door mats
  • Shoes
  • Pictures
  • Plants
  • Bikes
  • Prams
  • Shopping trolleys

If you keep storing these items in communal areas, we’ll remove and dispose of them.


Keeping your appliances safe

We need to access your building from time to time to inspect or repair your home. We also need to check your gas appliances, as faults can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. We’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time for us to visit.

We may also have to enter without your permission in extreme emergencies, such as a floor or fire. Your tenancy agreement gives us the right to do this without your permission, or if you are not available to allow access.

Testing electrical equipment

We need to test all electrical equipment provided by us on an annual basis. This includes appliances like microwaves and fridges. We will let you know in writing when testing is due. This is a legal requirement, so you should make sure you’re available for any appointment we make.
You should make sure all electrical equipment you own is tested each year. We can arrange for your equipment to be tested, but there will be a charge for this service.



When entering or exiting the building, make sure you shut the door securely behind you and look out for strangers trying to enter the building.

Never put yourself at risk. If someone becomes aggressive or threatening towards you, don’t engage with them. Report the incident immediately to MTVH or call the police.