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Request an EWS1 form

You can request a copy of the External Wall System form (EWS1) for your block of flats.

We can only send you a copy if we have one and the form has a rating of A1, A2 or B1 (which means no remedial work is required).

What is an EWS1 form

An EWS1 form tells mortgage lenders that a building’s external wall has been assessed by a suitable expert. It gives a rating to the external wall system based on risk and says if any work is needed to meet fire safety standards.

An external wall system is made up of the outside wall of a building – it includes things like cladding and insulation.

If you’re trying to sell or re-mortgage your flat, your bank or building society may ask for an EWS1 form. They’ll likely ask for one if your block of flats is a certain height or built from certain materials. Read more information about EWS1 forms and whether your building may need one.

You can only get an EWS1 form for a block of flats – it doesn’t cover individual flats.

Request an EWS1 form for your block of flats

Get in touch online and we’ll check if there’s an EWS1 form for your block of flats.

We’ll email you a copy of it within 10 working days if we have one available and it has either an A1, A2 or B1 rating. This means that no remedial works are required.

If we can’t give you an EWS1 form

We’ll let you know if we can’t give you a copy. This will be because the EWS1 form is either:

  • Not available for your block of flats yet
  • Has a rating of A3 or B2 (which means remedial works are required)

If an EWS1 form is not available yet, we may need to arrange an inspection for your building. This may take a significant amount of time.

We are taking a risk-based approach to prioritising the order we inspect buildings. We’re taking things into account like height, the amount of cladding and who’s living in the building (for example, if it’s used as a care and support facility).

Read more about what we’re doing to provide EWS1 forms.